Samsung M1713N Microwave Glass Plate Replacement

Samsung M1713N Microwave Glass Plate Replacement

  • $21.99

Replacement Samsung M1713N Microwave Glass Plate

Product Specifications

  • Replacement Samsung M1713N Microwave Glass Plate
  • Replaces Samsung DE74-20102 Microwave Glass Turntable Tray
  • Replace your broken microwave glass plate with the same great quality as the original at a more economical price.
  • An essential part of your microwave. This tray is rotated when the microwave is turned on to heat or cook your food evenly.
  • Durable and easy to clean. Food will not stick on the glass plate making it easy to clean. Durable enough to last as long as the microwave itself with proper care and use. On Sale for a Limited Time!

This Product also works in or replaces the following OEM model numbers:

  • Samsung M1713N
  • Samsung M1732N
  • Samsung MD4301G
  • Samsung ME4190W
  • Samsung MO710B
  • Samsung MO710W
  • Samsung MO720B
  • Samsung MO720W
  • Samsung MS840BB
  • Samsung MS840CB
  • Samsung MS840WB
  • Samsung MR4371G
  • Samsung MR4381G
  • Samsung MR4382W
  • Samsung MR757T
  • Samsung MU4270W
  • Samsung MU4274W
  • Samsung MU4290W
  • Samsung MW3090W
  • Samsung MW4070W
  • Samsung MW4071G
  • Samsung MW4090W
  • Samsung MW4091G
  • Samsung MW4271G
  • Samsung MW4273G
  • Samsung MW4290W
  • Samsung MW4291G
  • Samsung MW4370W
  • Samsung MW4371G
  • Samsung MW4390W
  • Samsung MW4391G
  • Samsung MW4572W
  • Samsung MW4573G
  • Samsung MW4592W
  • Samsung MW4593G
  • Samsung MW4692
  • Samsung MW4692W
  • Samsung MW4688BA
  • Samsung MW4699S
  • Samsung WMW-1779
  • Samsung MW725WB
  • Samsung MW730BB
  • Samsung MW730WB
  • Samsung MW735WB
  • Samsung MW740WA
  • Samsung MW830BA
  • Samsung MW830WA
  • Samsung MW840BC
  • Samsung MW840WC
  • Samsung MW850WA
  • Samsung MW880BKA
  • Samsung MW880BLA
  • Samsung MW880BSA
  • Samsung MW880GRA
  • Samsung MW880KSA
  • Samsung MW880RDA
  • Samsung MW880RSA
  • Samsung MW888STB
  • Samsung CE2727N
  • Samsung CE2774
  • Samsung CE735G
  • Samsung G2719N
  • Samsung M110M
  • Samsung M125TCS
  • Samsung M1711N
  • Samsung M1712
  • Samsung M1712N
  • Samsung M1713
  • Samsung M1714
  • Samsung M1732
  • Samsung M1733N
  • Samsung M1736N
  • Samsung M1774
  • Samsung M1779
  • Samsung M633
  • Samsung M735
  • Samsung M736
  • Samsung M745
  • Samsung M746
  • Samsung M759
  • Samsung M759S
  • Samsung M964M
  • Samsung M966TC
  • Samsung DE74-20102

Package Contents

Part Number: Quantity
MP-DE74-20102 1

Item Condition: New

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