5-Pack Bosch 9000194412 Ultra Clarity Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement

5-Pack Bosch 9000194412 Ultra Clarity Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement

  • $71.99

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5-Pack Bosch 9000194412 Ultra Clarity Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement

Product Specifications

  • Replacement Ultra Clarity Water Filter for Bosch

  • MICRON RATE: 0.5 Micron
    OPERATING TEMP.: 1-38? / 34-100?
    OPERATING PRESSURE: 30-120psi / 207-827kPa
    FLOW RATE: 0.5 GPM = 1.9 LPM
    FILTRATION LIFE: 6 months/300G
    *Depends on water quality and level of contaminants.*
  • NSF 42 certified refrigerator water filter retains beneficial nutrients in water while removing the taste of chlorine and odor leaving you with a fresh and clean tasting water.
  • Reduces waterborne contaminants including cysts, asbestos, particulates, lead, mercury without removing beneficial minerals & restricting the flow rate of the water.
  • Cut down water bottle waste and save money while also helping the environment by using water filters. For the highest quality water and best contaminant reduction replace the filter every 6 months.

This Product also works in or replaces the following OEM model numbers:

  • Bosch B22CS30SNS
  • Bosch B22CS50SNS
  • Bosch B22CS50SNB
  • Bosch B22CS50SNW
  • Bosch B22CS80SNS
  • Bosch B22CS30SNS-01
  • Bosch B22CS50SNB01
  • Bosch B22CS50SNS/01
  • Bosch B22CS50SNW01
  • Bosch B22CS80SNS-01
  • Bosch B22CS80SNS-02
  • Bosch B22CS80SNS-03
  • Bosch B26FT70SNS-01
  • Bosch B36BT830NS
  • Bosch B36ET71SNS
  • Bosch B26FT70SNS
  • Bosch B36IT800NP
  • Bosch B36IT71SNS
  • Bosch B36ET71SNS
  • Bosch B36IT70NNP
  • Bosch KAD62V70AU
  • Bosch KAD62V40GB
  • Bosch B30BB830SS
  • Bosch REPLFLTR10
  • Bosch RWF1110
  • Bosch 641425
  • Bosch 644845
  • Bosch 9000077095
  • Bosch 9000077096
  • Bosch 9000077104
  • Bosch 9000194412
  • Bosch 1014430109
  • Bosch 1017320109
  • Bosch BT-644845
  • Bosch REPLFLTR10
  • Bosch 101443
  • Bosch 101443-A
  • Bosch AP3962558
  • Bosch 1017320109
  • Bosch 740560
  • Bosch 740570
  • Bosch BORPLFTR10

Package Contents

Part Number: Quantity
WF-644845 5

Item Condition: New

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