2-Pack Engine Air Filter Replacement forHONDA 17220-RDJ-J00Car/Automotive

2-Pack Engine Air Filter Replacement forHONDA 17220-RDJ-J00Car/Automotive

  • $23.99

2-Pack Replacement Engine Air Filter for HONDA 17220-RDJ-J00 Car/Automotive

Product Specifications

  • Protect your engine from dirt, dust and keep it running at peak performance by replacing it with a high quality air filter.
  • Get better gas mileage and reduced emissions by replacing clogged old air filter. Improves airflow and increases engine efficiency by providing clean filtered air while running.
  • Prolongs engine life by trapping hamrful dirt and debris from entering the internal engine parts.
  • Easy and inexpensive part to replace with noticeable improvements to your engine, gas mileage, emissions.
  • Please refer to your owner's manual for when to replace the engine air filter. Usually replaced every 15000-30000 miles depending on the driving conditions.

Package Contents

Part Number: Quantity
ACA-9361 2

Item Condition: New

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