2-Pack Oregon S57 Chainsaw Chain Loop Replacement

2-Pack Oregon S57 Chainsaw Chain Loop Replacement

  • $20.99

2-Pack Replacement 16" Semi Chisel Saw Chain for Oregon S57 Chainsaws - 16 inch, 3/8" Low Profile Pitch, 0.050" Gauge, 57 Drive Links

Product Specifications

  • 3/8" Low Profile Pitch, 0.050" Gauge, 57 Drive Links, ANSI Approved Low Kickback Chain: NO, Quantity: 2 Chains
  • High performance chain for smooth cuts. Engineered for precision, balance and safety for efficient cutting.
  • Reduced vibration levels for consistent cuts and greater user comfort. Designed for durability to keep the chain sharper longer. Avoid injuries by replacing dull or damaged chains with a sharp new chain
  • Please Note: The same saw can have different bar lengths so ensure you confirm the pitch, gauge, & drive links on your current bar. Not all bars take the same amount of links.
  • This saw chain may be capable of kickback that could result in serious injury to the chainsaw operator or bystanders. DO NOT USE THIS SAW CHAIN UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE AND SPECIALIZED TRAINING FOR DEALING WITH KICKBACK. Please refer to your chainsaw User Manual for proper chain installation and maintenance.

This Product also works in or replaces the following OEM model numbers:

  • Oregon S57
  • Oregon 91PX057G
  • Blue Max 7954 Electric
  • Craftsman 358.35232
  • Craftsman 358.35238
  • Craftsman 358.35886
  • Craftsman 917.35251
  • Craftsman 917.35255
  • Cub Cadet CS3916
  • ECHO CS-280
  • ECHO CS-290
  • ECHO CS-300
  • ECHO CS-301
  • ECHO CS-302
  • ECHO CS-303T
  • ECHO CS-305
  • ECHO CS-306
  • ECHO CS-310
  • ECHO CS-315
  • ECHO CS-330
  • ECHO CS-330T
  • ECHO CS-340
  • ECHO CS-341
  • ECHO CS-345
  • ECHO CS-346
  • ECHO CS-351
  • ECHO CS-352
  • ECHO CS-355T
  • ECHO CS-360T
  • ECHO CS-370
  • ECHO CS-370T
  • ECHO CS-400
  • ECHO CS-3000
  • ECHO CS-3400
  • ECHO CS-3450
  • ECHO ECS-2000
  • ECHO ECS-3000
  • Hitachi CS33EB
  • Hitachi CS33EB/16
  • John Deere 25EV
  • John Deere 28
  • John Deere 28V
  • John Deere 30
  • John Deere 30V
  • John Deere 35EV
  • John Deere 40V
  • John Deere CS36
  • John Deere CS36LE
  • John Deere CS40
  • John Deere CS40LE
  • John Deere CS40V
  • John Deere J3816
  • Milwaukee 6215

Package Contents

Part Number: Quantity
CSC-S57 2

Item Condition: New

Please note: This is an Infinisia brand replacement part, not an OEM product. This product is not affiliated with any OEM brands and is not covered under any warranties offered by the original manufacturers. Any warranties for this product are offered solely by Infinisia. All mentions of brand names or model descriptions are made strictly to illustrate compatibility. All brand names and logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.