Whirlpool WP9704230 Replacement Drive Coupling

Whirlpool WP9704230 Replacement Drive Coupling

  • $6.99

Whirlpool WP9704230 Replacement Drive Coupling

UpStart Components replacement for Whirlpool WP9704230 Replacement Drive Coupling. This Whirlpool WP9704230 Replacement Drive Coupling is compatible with the original and will provide great performance for an excellent price.

Product Specifications

Made of high quality plastic for long-lasting durability.
Resists rust and dulling overtime.
Durable rubber gasket for leak-proof blending.
Effortlessly blend fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, protein shakes, and more into perfectly smooth texture.
Brand: UpStart Components

This Product works in or replaces the following model numbers:

  • Whirlpool WP9704230
  • KSB5 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5 5-Speed
  • KSB3-4 3-Speed Classic
  • KSB5-4 5-Speed Classic
  • 5KSB5-4 5-Speed Classic
  • KSB5SS-4 5-Speed Classic
  • 5KSB52-4 5-Speed Classic
  • KSB5WH4 White 5-Speed
  • KSB5OB4 Onyx Black 5-Speed
  • KSB5CR4 Chrome 5-Speed
  • KSB5BU4 Cobalt Blue 5-Speed
  • KSB5MY4 Majestic Yellow 5-Speed
  • KSB5GN4 Empire Green 5-Speed
  • KSB5ER4 Empire Red 5-Speed
  • KSB5AC4 Almond Creme 5-Speed
  • KSB5GR4 Imperial Grey 5-Speed
  • KSB5NK4 Brushed Nickel 5-Speed
  • KSB5TG4 Tangerine 5-Speed
  • KSB5CP4 Satin Copper 5-Speed
  • KSB5MC4 Metallic Chrome 5-Speed
  • KSB5PK4 Pink 5-Speed
  • KSB5WW4 White on White 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5WH4 White 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5OB4 Onyx Black 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5CR4 Chrome 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5BU4 Cobalt Blue 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5MY4 Majestic Yellow 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5GN4 Empire Green 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5ER4 Empire Red 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5TG4 Tangerine 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5BK4 Imperial Black 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5MC4 Metallic Chrome 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5PK4 Pink 5-Speed
  • 4KSB5WW4 White on White 5-Speed
  • KSB5BK4 Imperial Black 5-Speed

Package Contents

Part Number: Quantity
BR-WP9704230 1

Item Condition: New

Please note: This is an Infinisia brand replacement part, not an OEM product. This product is not affiliated with any OEM brands and is not covered under any warranties offered by the original manufacturers. Any warranties for this product are offered solely by Infinisia. All mentions of brand names or model descriptions are made strictly to illustrate compatibility. All brand names and logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.